Our Story

We are a boutique stationery company that creates greeting cards, note sets, gifts, and other paper goods. We specialize in letterpress printing. We find that many people don't know much about Letterpress printing. If that's you, you are missing out! Find out more here.

Seliz is pronounced like ‘sell lease’ and we love how it gives a nod to the Spanish word ‘feliz’, which means ‘happy’!

Our love of what we do comes from our customers and clients...

...Who often create the inspiration for new products. When we created our ‘To My Bride/Groom on Our Wedding Day’ cards, our first sale was at a craft market to a groom who said he was going to use it to read his vows from during his wedding ceremony. That encounter inspired us to create our ‘Vows’ cards, and it was that moment that Seliz found its vision and purpose.

We thrive on the idea that our products will be used in the most important moments of someone’s life and that they might keep them forever.

Whether it be on a wedding day, creating funny birthday memories, to remind someone they love them……..to make connections, solidify relationships, and build memories. We are a part of those moments, and in a way we help make them happen. We make things that people will keep for years to come, if not for the rest of their lives. No one is ever going to go back through their inbox and reminisce over old thank you/birthday/romantic emails. But, in 50 years, in a shoe box in an attic, our card might be found and read as a time capsule of a life lived. The idea blows us away. It’s why we do what we do.

Our Brand

...is inspired be an adventurous spirit, a need to have fun, explore, and build memories. Our aesthetic is a bit moody and eclectic, but also with a casual sophistication. It's also a bit less feminine than many stationery brands you will see, which sets us apart.

Our ideal customer is a person that thrives on adventure, seeks to live life to its fullest, loves deeply, cares about meaningful friendships, dreams of travel, loves the outdoors, uses humor and candor, and builds human connections in many ways, especially through hand-written notes!

Our Bio

Seliz Design & Letterpress had its origins in Illinois in 2007, when Owner & Founder, Susan, designed programs and other wedding day paper goods for her eldest sister’s wedding. That started word-of-mouth growth, creating a demand for wedding invitations and custom stationery for friends and family. 

In 2012, living and working in Indiana, we bought our first press, a table top Chandler & Price Pilot. When it came to Susan’s own wedding in 2014, she bought a larger, floor model 1906 Chandler & Price letterpress, to create her invitations, on which most of the work is produced today. It was then, that Susan decided to make her hobby into a business, and Seliz Design & Letterpress was born.

In late 2016, Seliz Design & Letterpress moved from Indiana, to Salt Lake City, Utah, along the gorgeous Wasatch Front. We have never been so inspired to create as we are by the beauty of the Utah landscape. 

About Susan

Seliz's Owner, Designer, and Printer, Susan Elizabeth, has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (2007) and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business (2013). She spent two years working in Architecture before moving to a Fortune 500 company for 8 years. She left her management job this year, and now runs Seliz full time from her home in South Jordan, Utah, with her husband, Steve, and Huskita, Abassylar.

Susan gets inspiration for Seliz's cards from the beautiful landscapes around her in Utah, from her customers' feedback, as well from her family and friends and the sentiments they share. Her more hard-line sketching style can likely be attributed to her background in architectural drawing. 

When not sketching or printing, Susan hikes, camps, ATVs, and practices her photography in the beautiful landscapes of Utah.


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